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The Twitter Files Explained Wiki

The Twitter Files Explained (Wiki)

It’s January 4th, 2023, which means Twitter Files stories have been coming out for over a month. Because these are weedsy tales, and may be hard to follow if you haven’t from the beginning, I’ve written up capsule summaries of each of the threads by all of the Twitter Files

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Twitter Files Make it Clear We Must Abolish the FBI

‘Twitter Files’ Make it Clear: We Must Abolish the FBI

As we learn more and more from the “Twitter Files,” it is becoming all too obvious that Federal agencies such as the FBI viewed the First Amendment of our Constitution as an annoyance and an impediment. In Friday’s release from the pre-Musk era, journalist Matt Taibbi makes an astute observation:

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Reddit To Go Public, Files For IPO 1

Reddit To Go Public, Files For IPO

According to Bloomberg, as the social media company continued to lose money, Reddit filed for an IPO to go public. Tens of millions of people use the community-focused message board site Reddit every day, and on Thursday afternoon, the site submitted an S-1 form to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Go First Files For Bankruptcy, Blames US Engine Maker

“Go First” has filed for bankruptcy with the National Company Law Tribunal in Delhi. Billionaire Nusli Wadia is blaming US engine maker Pratt & Whitney for the situation. Go Airlines, founded by billionaire Nusli Wadia, filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday with the low-cost carrier blaming US engine-maker Pratt & Whitney

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