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Peru Classifies Transgender Individuals As 'Mentally Ill' 1

Peru Classifies Transgender Individuals As ‘Mentally Ill’

The Telegraph has reported that the Peruvian health ministry has classified transgender individuals as ‘mentally ill’ to guarantee full coverage of medical attention for mental health. For Peru’s public health services to “guarantee full coverage of medical attention for mental health,” the government has formally classified transgender and intersex people

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Secret Transgender School Meetings

During an online session hosted by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP), secret transgender school meetings were held to trade tips on helping trans students change their gender at school without their parents’ knowledge. Dozens of Midwestern teachers met online this week and traded tips on helping trans

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California Bill Makes It A Crime To Not Recognize Your Child As Transgender

AB 957, which passed California’s State Assembly in May, makes it a crime to not recognize your child as transgender. A recently amended California bill would add “affirming” the sexual transition of a child to the state’s standard for parental responsibility and child welfare—making any parent who doesn’t affirm transgenderism for their

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Warning About Violent Transgender ANTIFA

UN investigator Reem Alsalem has issued a warning about violent transgender individuals associated with Antifa. Alsalem expressed concern about the increasing trend of “screaming trans activists” and emphasized the need to address this issue. Pull away the black mask, and political extremism has a new face: ‘TRANTIFA’. The portmanteau of

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Transgender Surgery Offers NO Mental Health Benefits, New Study

According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP), it has been found that transgender surgery offers no mental health benefits, as indicated by the new study. Transgender surgery, also known as “gender-affirming surgery,” does not reduce the demand for mental health services, according to a study conducted by

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It’s The Transgender Funding, Stupid.

The Democrats and Democrat-adjacent organizations were looking for a new way to galvanize their base and solicit funding, and transgender funding was the answer. Republicans were frankly the last to catch on. A common galvanizing trope among progressives claims the good and open-minded among us are in a constant battle

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