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Beaming Microwave Energy To Earth From A Solar Power Plant In Space

Beaming Microwave Energy From Space Based Solar Power System

Beaming microwave energy to Earth from a solar power plant in Space could be a reality soon with space based solar power system. Solar power plants are large structures in space that convert solar energy, captured as solar irradiation, into a form of energy that is transmitted wirelessly to any

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ISRO Scientist Assassinated in Hyderabad

ISRO Scientist Assassinated In Hyderabad

An ISRO scientist was recently found assassinated in Hyderabad. A native of Kerala, the scientist had been living in Hyderabad for 20 years. His wife was also working in the city but was transferred to Chennai in 2005. Their son is settled in the US, while the daughter lives in

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Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Gen David Goldfein announcing the demonstration of a Space Weapon at the 35th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado

US Prepares Olympic Defender In Response To India’s ASAT Test

Even before India tested its anti-satellite ASAT missile codename Mission Shakti on March 27, 2019, the US was already aware as hinted by DRDO Chief in its press conference and was actively observing the developments. During this time the US even denied visa to two of India’s top scientists –

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Religious Leaders

Of MuttaaDhiPatis, PeethaDhiPatis & Allied Gangsters. S12

Let the Indians note that none of the PeethaDhiPatis either of the Vaishnavite or the Shaivite Order or MuttaDhipathis or the Sri Vidya Upasakas or any other Indian Religious Leaders either consciously or unconsciously, either in wakeful state or their dream state, even raise the faintest of protests asking our

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GST: How Will It Impact The Common Man?

Just imagine: my neighbour has been renovating his house for the past few months. He has broken down the edifice, perhaps he thinks it is outdated now, and is using modern architecture incorporating landscape designing. I am sure the renovated house will surely look ultra modern, with strong geometric shapes

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