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Over a dozen people have been forcibly taken to government isolation centers in Germany, while hundreds are being held in similar centers in Australia as Western countries continue to use mandatory COVID quarantine centers all in the name putting an end to COVID-19.
The use of microchip implants on the hand that record COVID certificate status is being advocated for by a Swedish biohacker who also advocates for human augmentation. The implanted chip could be accessed even from a cell phone that has the ability to display a digital COVID certificate.
The “essential” aspects of Indian urban planning are always the subject of public debate whenever our city is faced with a major crisis, such as the urban flooding we experienced recently in Chennai. As urban planning and its modern applications are painted as India's culprit for "dysfunctional" cities, it is important to examine the roots that affect India's current urban plan. We need to ask ourselves some important questions about the foundations of urban planning in India. Who has the right to plan the city? Why are India's planning laws and procedures designed around them? Here is how Colonial Masterplans are still followed to develop Indian cities.
Almost 80 research papers by DRDO scientists have been flagged for ‘image manipulation’. An anonymous commenter on the online platform PubPeer which is used by scientists to voice their concerns on research papers that have undergone scrutiny, flagged the papers.
The following research papers and studies expose how Covid vaccine mandates are not backed by science and good public-health practice.
Until recently, prohibition remained the largest experiment in social engineering a democracy had ever undertaken. And then, in early 2020, a new virus began to spread from China. Faced with this threat, the world’s governments responded by closing schools, banning people from meeting, forcing entrepreneurs to shut their businesses and making ordinary people wear face masks. Like prohibition, this experiment provoked a debate. In all the democracies of the world, freedom was weighed against what was perceived as security; individual rights versus what was considered best for public health.
Dozens of top Nuclear Scientists with highest security clearances are being fired after the vaccine mandate. It is to be noted that those scientists who may face termination are not new hiers or low level staffers, but the scientists who have served one of America's most advanced and sensitive defense facilities for decades.
About a third of Chicago Police Department, almost 3000 officers defied the illegal vaccine mandate as it enters its first full week in effect resulting in a stalemate.
The most expansive leak of tax haven files in history reveals the secret offshore holdings of more than 300 politicians and public officials from more than 90 countries and territories in the Pandora Papers.
The rapidly spreading coronavirus infection in the spring of 2020 forced all countries to take unprecedented action. Self-isolation and travel restrictions were accompanied by alarming news of increasing numbers of cases and difficult-to-treat symptoms of the virus....