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Forbes has learned that the financial information and social security numbers of TikTok creators have been stored in China without their knowledge. Over the past several years, thousands of TikTok creators and businesses around the...
The CDC has partnered with a 'Social and Behavior Change' initiative to address vaccine hesitancy, while Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, a Stanford-educated ear, nose, and throat doctor, was cancelled due to the efforts of accounts like Team Halo.
According to the Newsbuster research, Soros yearly sponsors hundreds of media, humanitarian, and social justice organizations, giving him "massive power over the information in international politics" and the ability to "mold public opinion on practically every continent and in many languages," which shows how much George Soros’ propaganda machine has corrupted the media.
Ambitious media frauds Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair crippled the reputations of the New Republic and New York Times, respectively, by slipping years of invented news stories into their pages. Thanks to the Twitter Files, we can welcome a new member to their infamous club: Hamilton 68.
The payments app was developed in 1998 to give people more authority. It now serves as a pillar of our developing social credit system. This is how PayPal and the social credit system are related.
The day when social networking was the majority of consumers' main internet experience has passed. This is the death of social network.
Dr. Deborah Birx admitted in her new book as to how she and Anthony Fauci faked the science of lockdowns and social distancing and were practically shooting from the hip.
John Paul Mac Isaac, the whistleblower of Hunter Biden's laptop, has sued popular media outlets CNN, Politico, and the Daily Beast for falsely claiming that it was Russian disinformation.
Social credit apps, if poorly developed or used, can lead to serious limitations on, and violations of, citizens’ rights and freedoms, as well as discriminatory practices. Nevertheless, Italy has created a new social credit app to reward citizens for virtuous behavior.
Several real-life horrific recordings from Ukraine have surfaced in recent weeks, depicting mistreatment of Russian servicemen who had been kidnapped. However, one video in particular has caused Russia to launch a probe over Ukrainian ISIS-style ‘social ad’ featuring execution of a Russian soldier.