Researchers from Melbourne-based start-up Cortical Labs have grown human brain cells that learnt to play pong in just 5 minutes 
An animated graphic by James Eagle shows the most popular websites from 1993 to 2022, with Google currently at the top.
China is poised to launch its first artificial moon after its artificial Sun achieved temperatures five times higher than that of the actual Sun. An "artificial moon" research facility has been developed by scientists. The facility will enable them in employing magnetism to conduct low-gravity situations.
Scientists led by Maria Tsekhmistrenko of Oxford University say that there's a Titanic-sized underground tree that feeds Earth's volcanoes.
Several American businesses, including Forever Energy of Bellevue, Washington, have been vying for the Department of Energy's approval to manufacture the breakthrough batteries, but the US gave that battery technology to China.
Russia's defence minister Sergei Shoigu has revealed his desire to clone 3,000-year-old army of ancient warriors from remains found in Siberia. This site is located in the Valley of the Kings in Tuva.
ISRO has partnered With Chinese and American telecoms Qualcomm and Xiaomi for NavIC supported smartphones. NavIC is planned to be available for civilian use in mobile devices, after Qualcomm and Indian Space Research Organisation signed an agreement. ISRO has...
The European Commission has announced that LUMI, the fastest and most efficient supercomputer in Europe, has been launched in Finland.
A new study co-authored by Jiuhua Chen finds Earth's molten iron core may be rusting and may cause a layer to have formed that exhibits unique seismic signatures.
Renewal Bio is on a mission to the edge of science and ethics with aims to develop lifelike synthetic embryos cultivated in jars. This startup really wants to clone you into an embryo for the purposes of organ harvesting.