According to Prabal Saxena, a planetary researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, the moon could be hosting life, and scientists suggest that we could have potentially introduced life there.
Ashish Tripathi, founder and CEO of Tzar Labs, as well as chairman of Epigeneres Biotech, the Indian firm where the test was first developed in 2021, has published a study this month in the journal Stem Cells, saying that they have found a breakthrough 'holy grail' of cancer detection that predicts tumors a year before they form.
The advent of quantum technology poses a substantial risk to current security systems, and the country that manages to operate these technologies first will considerably shift the balance of power in its favor. In such an atmosphere, the news that DRDO has made a huge breakthrough in quantum technology is sending ripples across the globe.
Researchers at the University of Toronto have done some research on our ability to sense threats. As per the study this response is an evolutionary trait and it is passed from one generation to the next. This trait helps humans to identify the potential danger quickly. 
According to Crop Trust, the Global Doomsday Seed Vault in Norway is getting a new batch of 20,000 seed samples.
The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, which is anticipated to be delayed by four years from its original deadline of December 2023, has 26% of the work finished, railways minister informed.
Angelo Moriondo is widely regarded as the visionary inventor behind one of the most beloved and iconic beverages of all time—the espresso. Born in the picturesque town of Turin, Italy, in the mid-19th century, Moriondo's genius and...
Greece has decided to block further development and operation of the 5G network program due to concerns that it may cause infertility.
The sound of bacterium tails, or flagella, engaging with the graphene drum and causing back-and-forth movements known as oscillations was actually heard by the researchers. This could be the gateway to understanding how listening to bacteria's movement could help treat antibiotic resistance.
Researchers have confirmed that the human brain continues working even after the death of a person. That seems a zombie-like behaviour, but researchers have found a non-zombie logic behind this phenomenon.