Dr. Richard Brown of the UK's National Physical Laboratory recommended new prefixes, which were motivated by the demands of the tech sector. As a result, the new weight of Earth has been revealed.
Reuters posted a video of the electric air taxi VoloCity taking flight in Paris, touting it as the Tesla of the skies.
Russian President Vladmir Putin stated that domestic companies should not have to pay extra to adopt new technologies just as Russia starts offering tax breaks for doing so.
There is still a great deal to discover about the microorganisms, yet they are all around us and may be found in any environment, from little puddles to vast oceans. And now, scientists have discovered new microscopic species.
An entirely new way of measuring time has been discovered by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden that doesn't require a specific starting point.
Researchers from Melbourne-based start-up Cortical Labs have grown human brain cells that learnt to play pong in just 5 minutes 
Starlink's global expansion seems to be more extensive than what is depicted on the company's map. Musk is now claiming that Starlink is now "active" on all seven continents.
Fear of death is intrinsic to human life. As our years accumulate, we watch friends and family drop off, one by one, disappearing from our presence and lingering only in memories.
Increased competition could benefit the genomics industry, even though research is generally difficult to convert into real-world health advances. But now, you can get your genome sequenced for just $200.
The loss of citizen authority over the digital sphere, which has been supplanted by the demands of the state, is an apocalypse from which humanity can never recover. Should we be worried about the next digital apocalypse?