A research team in Germany has achieved great success conducting experiments to create false memories in people's minds and then erase them. However, at the same time the researchers said that it may have some serious implications for the judicial system.
In 2019, upwards of 1.2 million individuals perished from drug-resistant illnesses. But all of that could change with the advent of the ‘game-changing’ antibiotic that could potentially save millions, according to a new study.
TORONTO — Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg has a sample of the new coronavirus that is causing infections in a number of countries, most notably Saudi Arabia. EXPLOSIVE: Canadian Scientist Frank Plummer Key to Coronavirus Investigation Assassinated Breaking: India launch...
Renewal Bio is on a mission to the edge of science and ethics with aims to develop lifelike synthetic embryos cultivated in jars. This startup really wants to clone you into an embryo for the purposes of organ harvesting.
A substantial population in Jharkhand was found suffering with anaemia, but were also found to be prone to blood illnesses such as thalassemia and sickle-cell anaemia. As per experts, fortified rice is leading to these side effects amongst Adivasis.
World’s first ever ‘synthetic embryos’ have been created. According to a study published in a journal, Israeli researchers developed a mouse embryo with a beating heart using just stem cells.
For the first time, researchers have simulated a simplified wormhole using Google's Sycamore quantum computer, and have transported a bit of quantum information through it. This means a quantum computer has simulated a wormhole for the first time ever in history.
On June 8, 2017, research published in the journal Current Biology showed a lot more interesting things about fetuses. According to the research, babies have more advanced vision capabilities during 3rd trimester and babies can select what they want to see or look at.
A new study co-authored by Jiuhua Chen finds Earth's molten iron core may be rusting and may cause a layer to have formed that exhibits unique seismic signatures.
In an experiment led by GSU using gene editing, the team removed the vasopressin receptor, a hormone that controls aggression in hamsters, which unexpectedly turned them into hyper-aggressive bullies.