War on Drugs

How Chinese Cartels Fuel America's Fentanyl Crisis 1

How Chinese Cartels Fuel America’s Fentanyl Crisis

Chinese nationals, limited in how much money they can transfer abroad, are allegedly using a complex network to launder funds earned from selling fentanyl to Mexican cartels. These funds then allegedly flow back to China to pay for students’ education and support wealthy individuals living abroad. This intricate system, detailed

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Inside L.A.'s Controversial $600K Homeless Housing Tower 1

Inside L.A.’s Controversial $600K Homeless Housing Tower

L.A.’s controversial $600K homeless housing tower, the Weingart Tower, boasting 278 units, is set to open as the city’s largest permanent supportive housing project on Skid Row. The high-rise includes amenities like a gym, art and music rooms, and is funded by taxpayers and state housing funds. The 278 homeless

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Chinese Money Laundering Druglord Arrested In Buford Georgia 1

Chinese Money Laundering Druglord Arrested In Buford Georgia

In Buford, Georgia, two alleged members of a transnational money laundering organization, Li Pei Tan and Chaojie Chen, were arrested for laundering millions in drug proceeds for Mexican cartels, including Sinaloa and CJNG. Due to their alleged involvement in a scheme to launder millions of dollars in illicit drug proceeds

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Weapons Sent To Kiev Found In Possession Of Mexican Cartels 1

Weapons Sent To Kiev Found In Possession Of Mexican Cartels

According to an unknown official, the weapons sent to Kiev have been found in the possession of Mexican cartels and Hamas. A law enforcement official informed TASS that some of the weaponry that Western nations have been supplying to Ukraine has been found in the hands of armed organizations from

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Drug Lords Of Dubai

Dubai has long been a haven for some of the most notorious drug lords in Europe and has a history of protecting European criminals, particularly those involved in the cocaine trade. Submitted By Georgia Gee of Whale Hunting, a weekly newsletter delving into the hidden worlds of wealth and power “Dubai

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Drug Cartel Spotted With Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Near Texas

The Mexican TV channel Milenio published an article titled ‘Mexican cartels prepare for war; they have military-grade ROCKET LAUNCHERS’ that showed a drug cartel spotted with an anti-tank rocket launcher near Texas. The Mexican government has been waging war against drug cartels for over a decade with limited success. These

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