After China recently began its largest-ever military exercises in the area after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, Germany is now sending its military to Asia to observe and counter China.
Russia is set to hold war games in Venezuela, sending alarming signals throughout Latin America. The games also in a manner reflect Maduro's diplomatic game with the United States.
Beijing and Moscow have gotten closer under Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian equivalent Vladimir Putin, especially since the commencement of the Ukraine war. Now, Russia, China and India are set to hold the massive "Vostok" war games in two weeks.
A post by the state-owned Russian news agency RIA Novosti on its telegram channel shows the Russian robot dog with an RPG strapped to its back, displayed at a Russian arms show.
In order to account for the changing geopolitical and security environment worldwide, Moscow has amended its naval doctrine.
Data from the Department of Defense has shown how much land the US military controls in each state, with the Army in charge of 51% of the DoD's land.
Why is it that the proportion of people whose parents served decreased by 68%, while the size of the active duty military is roughly the same as it was in 2000? (I select this year since this is about when people who were serving would now have enlistment age children). One plausible answer is that children of veterans of the Global War on Terror are simply not interested in joining the military after seeing what their families and friends have been through, on and off the battlefield. And who can blame them?
Pentagon Opens New UFO Division AARO
As Malaysia tries to replace its aging fighter jet fleet and the two parties are in negotiations to finalize the procurement, India's Tejas light combat aircraft has arisen as the top contender.
Russia is building a laser weapon in order to 'soft kill' the US spy satellites. The disclosure of Russia's advanced laser weapon coincides with the announcement of Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, who said that his business could deploy more satellites than Western rivals could destroy.