Whatever else the Russian armed intervention in Ukraine has done, it has hammered home to the Union government the perils of over-dependence on imported armaments. There are two aspects that are of special concern. First, is the danger of a military spares cut-off in case the Russian engagement in Ukraine extends into the future, highly unlikely though that is, because then the Kremlin will prioritise re-supplying its own troops.
On Dec. 12, the driver of a car carrying migrants from Ukraine and Tajikistan disobeyed an officer's requests to provide id and smacked the officer's hand with a car door mirror as he accelerated past him. This is merely one case out of more than 8,600 Russians who have crossed the Mexico border illegally into the US just in the recent months.
UN has said that over 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine in the 20 days since the war began and large Polish cities are overflowing with Ukrainian refugees and reaching their maximum "Capacity".
Nearly three weeks have passed since Russian President Vladimir Putin began his invasion of Ukraine, but it still is not clear why he did so and what he hopes to achieve. Western analysts, commentators and government officials have put forward more than a dozen theories to explain Putin's actions, motives, and objectives.
Russia and Ukraine are leading exporters of food grains and according to the FAO this war which inhibit export could possibly trigger a global food crisis.
There has been a slew of massively faked tales on social platforms in the last several weeks, majority of which have been anti-Russian agenda. This is exactly how Zuckerberg is helping Zelensky wage a propaganda war against Russia.
After 13 Chinese jets recently breached Taiwan airspace, Chinese authorities responded by saying "No One & No Force" could stop it from taking Taiwan if it wanted to.
Due the sanctions that where placed on Russia after the attack of Ukraine by the West and western firms leaving the nation, Putin has now threatened to arrest officials of Coca-Cola, IBM, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble and other foreign companies.
Despite Western efforts to alienate Moscow via sanctions, India might bail out Russia by accepting an offer to purchase crude oil as well as other goods at a bargain.
Latest incidents suggest Putin might have orchestrated the Iran missile attack on a newly constructed US embassy in Erbil.