So a congregation of NATO’s top brass ensconced in their echo chambers target the Russian Central Bank with sanctions and expect what? Cookies?
Russian President Vladimir Putin listed three requirements for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine during a call with his French colleague Emmanuel Macron on Monday, including acknowledgement of Russian authority over Crimea.
Following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, a slew of foreign policy "experts" are suddenly pushing for "regime change" in Russia.
'They can appear from the shadows, do very violent things and then disappear again, without it being obvious who was responsible,' these were the words used to describe the 400 mercenaries Putin assigned to assassinate the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to British media.
Earlier this week, an absolutely massive investigation dropped regarding a highly intriguing site on Russia's Black Sea coast referred to as the Residence at Cape Idokopas or, more commonly, Putin's Secret Palace, after Russia's President Vladimir Putin. The extremely high-security estate, which covers an area just over 168 acres near the resort town of Gelendzhik, reportedly belongs to Putin, though a web of associates and shell companies. It's a totally unique, if not puzzling installation that many have kept a close eye on for years. Now, this new report offers unprecedented insight into where it came from and what it actually includes.
“After the fall of the Soviet Union, there was a near universal understanding among political leaders that NATO expansion would be a foolish provocation against Russia. How naive we were to think the military-industrial complex would allow such sanity to prevail.”
India is exploring a rupee payment mechanism with the objective of trying to guarantee that Russian banks and firms open accounts with state-run Indian banks in order to settle trade settlement. This entire scheme is for the purposes of establishing trade with Russia and to avoid sanctions.
By tying itself to a reckless and dangerous America, the Ukrainians made a blunder that client states will study for years to come.
“The primordial interest of the United States, over which for centuries we have fought wars– the First, the Second and Cold Wars– has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united there, they’re the only force that could threaten us. And to make sure that that doesn’t happen.” George Friedman, STRATFOR CEO at The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs
Moscow stated that it was compelled to use military force after Ukraine's civil war in the east ceased to be resolved through negotiation. The timeline of the Russian attack on Ukraine shows why and how.