Due to the possibility of Russian troops capturing Kiev the US has reportedly planned for a government-in-exile and guerrilla war in Ukraine if Zelensky gets captured or killed.
The recent military operation in Ukraine has caused a spike in global food prices which could lead to Arab Spring like unrest in some countries.
Mukul Arya, India's representative to Palestine, was found dead inside the Indian Mission in Ramallah on Sunday. It was not immediately known how Arya, a 2008-batch Indian Foreign Service officer, died.
The US will penalize any country that violates its sanctions, albeit it will not go after China because it is fearful of what an escalation would look like. Knowing this full well China is buying 700K barrels of Iranian oil every single day, as they violate US sanctions.
Putin has recently passed a law punishing the deliberate spread of fake news with upto 15 years in jail which has caused several western news organizations to pull out of Russia fearing the penalty.
One takeaway from the current situation around Russian crude oil is that if the price reduction is cheap enough, Russia would still find potential buyers in businesses that rely on Urals crude. There have been reports that Shell bought Russian oil at a record discount of $28 a barrel amid sanctions.
US President Joe Biden seems to have ditched Ukraine. Biden reportedly guaranteed US lawmakers that the US army would not be involved in the conflict in Ukraine, and that no service man will be deployed to the Eastern European country to battle the Russian Army.
After facing secondary sanctions over a weapons pact with Russia, India and Russia decided to arrange payments through the rupee-ruble exchange in 2014. Faced with a similar situation in the present, it is going to be interesting to see how India and Russia plan to bypass the dollar.
It has been reported that the Ukrainian Security Service has assassinated its own delegation memmber at talks with Russia on suspicion of high treason.
Many observers speculate that Putin invaded Ukraine because he wanted to prevent NATO from expanding to Russia’s border. He felt increasingly threatened by a Ukrainian government formed in the aftermath of a 2014 Obama-backed coup. It is highly unlikely that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine without first receiving the approval of China’s Xi Jinping.