A blog post was co-written by national security adviser Jake Sullivan, director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese, director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy Arati Prabhakar, and chair of the Council of Economic Advisors Cecilia Rouse on the official White House website targets cryptocurrencies and calls for stronger enforcement by regulators.
The FBI had suspicions that cryptoqueen may have used a German passport to travel from Athens to the UAE, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, or perhaps back to Bulgaria. Now, cryptoqueen is appearing after 5 years of hiding.
According to reports, the Central Bank of Iran and the Russian government are working together to issue a new stablecoin that is backed by gold to be used in overseas trade.
According to the NY Post, SBF was able to defraud investors thanks to its strong ties to the Clintons, which was how Bill Clinton was involved in the FTX scandal.
The news organisations, which include the AP, Bloomberg, CNBC, WSJ publisher Dow Jones, the Financial Times, Insider, and WaPo, as well as a separate request from the New York Times, have requested that the people who guaranteed Bankman-Fried's $250 million bond to be revealed.
In mid November, FTX International became effectively insolvent. The FTX saga, at the end of the day, is somewhere between that of Voyager and Celsius.
Due to the mysterious deaths of the four cryptocurrency billionaires who passed away within a month, the crypto world has come up with conspiracies, with one claiming they were assassinations.
Celsius co-founder Mashinsky is being sued by the NY Attorney General for "defrauding investors out of billions". The lawsuit accuses Mashinsky of violating the state's Martin Act, which is used to combat securities and commodities fraud, as well as a state general business law that allows the attorney general to investigate fraud. This article will explore the details of the case and its potential implications for the crypto industry.
As the use of bitcoin grows, more and more locations are vying to attract bitcoin businesses and individuals. One such place is Lugano, Switzerland, which has adopted bitcoin as a de facto legal tender and offers a wide range of merchants that accept the cryptocurrency. You can now live in this Swiss city solely on bitcoin.
The EU's Markets in Crypto-Asset Rule (MiCA) regulation of the European Commission is one of the many attacks against bitcoin.