Over 400 pits, each over 2 meters wide, have been unearthed by scientists around Stonehenge. These mysterious pits discovered near Stonehenge appear to be man-made, as per a new study.
Poseidon is the god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses in Greek mythology. Archaeologists believe they found the temple of Poseidon in Greece.
"This iron-rich material is a remnant of ancient rocks from Earth's early history or even that iron might be leaking from the core by an unknown means," was one of the comments made by the project leader. This has led to scientists studying a massive underground structure hidden deep beneath Hawaii.
According to Hawass, archaeologists have unearthed the oldest known gold-covered mummy in Egypt at the Tombs of Saqqara in Memphis.
Scientists have discovered advanced ancient cities in the Amazon and it is the most compelling evidence yet that the Amazon's rainforest "wilderness" was densely populated and, in some parts, quite urbanized.
According to an article published in the journal Nature on Thursday, scientists have discovered a hidden tunnel in the Great Pyramid of Giza.
A new research study published in the journal Geology by geologists from the Geological Society of America has said they will crack open an 830-Million-Year-Old crystal with potential life in it.
A former minister of archaeology and professor of archaeology at Ain Shams University said that a "magnificent" smiling sphinx of a Roman emperor was found at an ancient Egypt site.
Never before seen ancient artifacts which were trafficked from Italy have been brought back to The Museum of Rescued Art, which is a new museum created solely for the purpose of exhibiting stolen artifacts.
A paper published in Science describes a 3 million-year-old discovery that may rewrite the history of intelligent life on earth that was uncovered at a site in Nyayanga, Kenya.