We are opening the doors that guard our farmers’ agricultural produce against exploitation. The RCEP agreement, if implemented, will bypass the WTO and offload all the excess agricultural produce from China into the Indian markets freely. Shifting our balance...
The air smells of ash and the landscape is leached of color. Spots of green punctuate the valley floor in places. But along the ridges, the powdery residue of charred trees has fallen like snow, accumulating up to 4 inches deep. These are the slices of forest where the fire burned the hottest, scorching ponderosa pines from crown to root. Once titans, they are now matchsticks.
A plea was filed by a 17 years old boy Aditya Dubey seeking measures to check harmful air pollution. The top court asked the Centre to impose a 2 days complete lockdown in Delhi in order to curb increasing levels of air pollution. A three-judge bench heard this plea and after detailed arguments, concluded that traffic, industries, and transport are also major causes of air pollution. It is not just about stubble burning which is only 4% of air pollution.
Chinese scientists have developed salt-tolerant strains of seawater rice that may be grown in coastal areas where crops are presently tough to cultivate. The news arrives as China works to safeguard local food and energy supplies in the face of geopolitical conflicts.
The Red River Trust, an organization associated with Bill Gates, has come under investigation for the purchase of farmlands in North Dakota.
Chhath puja devotees have to stand waist-deep amid thick and toxic froth while offering their prayers every year. This thick white foam floats over the Yamuna river. This has become a normal event. People wonder what is the main cause of this white foam over Yamuna river? Why does it happen only at a specific time of the year?
Several topics were discussed in the interview with the newly appointed head of IIT Madras, Kamakoti Veezhinathan. The most prominent of these topics was a discussion on joint patents with farmers and how the new IIT Madras director hopes to make the institute great.
A weedkilling chemical related to cancer was found in more than 80% of urine samples taken from kids and adults in a US health research, a discovery that scientists have labeled "disturbing" and "concerning."
Jindal Steel has been ordered to pay Rs 2 crore for stealing a river in Odisha. The National Green Tribunal said Jindal Steel and Power Ltd had changed the natural course of Kurdabahali Nullah and interfered with nature. This change cannot be restored.
The USCHA gathering raised quite a few questions about Chinese Communist Party-backed initiatives to court American farmers. The initiatives raise questions into how China is taking over American agriculture with the help of Bill Gates.