Mumbai Train Blasts – A Sequel to The Madrid Train Bombings Of 2004

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As in the case of Spanish bombings first the explosives must be smuggled into India and then they needed to get access to the Mumbai rail system. They must also know precisely the timing of the trains and their running on the lines. Then they needed to have time to place the explosives on the train either in the under belly of the chassis or on the floor of the compartments. This means they needed to have access to the secure Mumbai rail system. And then the charges had to be precise. Timing should be perfect. All these facts point at the similarities in the Spanish bombing incident. One thing conspicuously absent in the event was the role of suicide bombers which is the hall mark of LeT or JEM attacks. Be it Raghunath Temple, Akshardham, Grenade attacks in Kashmir, Nagpur attack or gate crashing in Ayodhya all were carried on by suicide bombers. But the Bangalore attack on scientists, explosion in Sriharikota and Mumbai blasts (now and before) were not suicide attacks. Why only in these cases the latest technology has been used though they possessed this material for a long time? Why only in a few compartments of multiple trains and why not in the same train and multiple compartments? If these explosives can be smuggled and fitted in trains then why in the previous cases they were not fitted but the cadre was sacrificed?


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