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HSBC Bank : Secret Origins To 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

Tracking the East India Company origins of HSBC Bank to the role of Secret Societies, opium smuggling and funding terrorist attacks. Contents: Swiss Leaks HSBC Bank's East India Company Origins ...
Round Tripping

Round Tripping Black Money As FDI -India’s Biggest Scam

One of the leading puzzles related to cross border flow of investment is the phenomenon of ‘Round Tripping'. Here, money from a country (eg. India) flows to a foreign...

The Secret World Of Indian Currency Printers

Note: The below GreatGameIndia story has led to a major national controversy exposing the role of #DeLaRue in printing of Indian currency notes. GreatGameIndia itself received a notice from the...
Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya And The Sanctuary Of Oligarchs

How was Vijay Mallya allowed to leave India? How does a business baron who owes banks thousands of crores of rupees get to leave the country as a defaulter...

Was The 2G Spectrum Auction System Rigged?

#RelianceJioScam - Was The Spectrum Auction System Rigged? Let’s say the Government of India wants to utilise its spectrum resources (which is a national resource belonging to the people of...