Who Benefits From FDI – India Or Collapsing Western European Economies? FDI Series Part IV

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In the previous parts of this ongoing Foreign countries Dictating India Series we saw how after the collapse of the US economy in 2008, the Dubai Economic Miracle experiment was hatched to sustain the western economies that eventually resulted into Dubai Flu. To get rid of it another plan was charted out via Foreign Direct Investment in India routed through the tax-havens; whereby the Nathan Mayer Rothschild Group was able to suck money out of India without Indians even knowing about it. With incredible amusement, the western world watched Indian State Governments and the Union (Indian) Government succumb silently, one after the other, to NMR Group and Emmar Properties, Dubai, all falling for a single catch phrase: ‘FDI is development and will create (temporary) jobs’. What is more surprising is that still 90% of Indians do not even know that this very House of Rothschild was one of the families that controlled the East India Company whose plan to develop India and their recent operations were discussed in the last part of this series. With this background we now study who exactly benefits from this elusive FDI and what can Indian citizens do about it.

If the FIIs invest $1 trillion in Indian economy with their markups (standard) at 33%, that is a whopping $330 billion which will go back to the western economies. This is, if FDI is to be allowed in 100 cities of India only. If entire India is opened up then this profit will zoom close to $1.5 trillion. If this is calculated for 20 years it will be a whopping $30 trillion, an amount needed for the long-term bailout of western economies. This money will flow into western economies to save them directly. Every billion dollar sucked out of India creates 20,000 jobs in West or the Eurozone.

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